Czone integration provides remote access to CZone circuit states, option to control the circuits remotely and access to some or all CZone alarms*. 

Remote access to circuits requires reconfiguration of the CZone system. It is basically a two step process, first remote switches have to be enabled and second, remote switches need to be inserted into the circuits that require remote switching.

* depends on CZone add-on license type


  • At least one CZone interface that supports Binary switch banks (SI, COI, OI, C6 or C1 unit currently support this functionality). For the purpose of this document we will call this unit a "Gateway".
  • Sentinel Boat monitor
  • Basic knowledege in CZone configuration (CZone config tool and programator) 
  • License to use switching in the Sentinel system


Sentinel Boat monitor must be connected according to NMEA 2000 specifications into the network where it can communicate with CZone gateway. 

When multiple networks are used on the boat, it is recommended to place Sentinel into the CZone network to enable switching when instruments are off.


1. CZone

IMPORTANT! Before proceeding, please update CZone configuration tool and CZone firmware to the latest release (release 15, fw version >=! 


CZone Configuration requires 2 steps to enable remote switching:

a) Remote switches have to be enabled on at least one supported interface. Each interface enables 28 "virtual" remote switches that can be used to control circuits.

b) Add remote switches to each circuit that you want to control remotely.


a) Enabling remote switches

  • Go to Third party devices tab and add Switch Bank PGN Control
  • Select one of the modules available and use the proposed Switch bank instance
  • DO NOT ENABLE advanced CZone remote control switch functions for Sentinel integration.
  • After you click OK, you will have 28 remote switches available to use in existing circuits.

Example above enables Remote switch bank PGN on SI 01 unit. This will create 28 remote switches that can be used to control circuits remotely. Note that this remote switch group was named SI-Gateway. Remote switches in the next step use this name for identification.


b) Adding remote switches to existing circuits

        For each circuit that you want to control remotely, add a Remote switch to the Circuit control section.

 Example above adds remote switch SI-Gateway:2 to control Navigation lights remotely


After you have configured every circuit that you want to control remotely, apply the settings and upload the configuration to the CZone system. 

2. Sentinel

Make sure that you have the one of the two available CZone integration Licences which allows switching, otherwise, please contact Sentinel support (

If everything is configured correctly on CZone side, switches should automatically appear in your switches tab. It may take up to a minute for the device to download the configuration and switch names. 

Only configured switches are shown in Sentinel app, others are hidden and can be shown by using edit on the Switches tab. 

Configuration update

For retrofit installations whenever CZone is reconfigured, select "Refresh switching configuration" from the switches tab->edit->... (menu)

OEM installers have to contact support to reapply the boat profile. 

Note: Switching is only supported in Sentinel mobile apps (web app does not have switching support).

3. Tank levels

For optimal tank level integration, please use a unique instance number for each tank regardless of the tank types. 

For example: if a boat has two fuel level tanks, two fresh water tanks a black and a grey water use the following configuration: 

Tank nameFluid typeTank instance
Fuel portFuel0
Fuel stbdFuel1
Fresh water portFresh water 2
Fresh water stbdFresh water3
Grey waterWaste water4
Black waterBlack water

In the example above, each tank has a unique instance number which allows all tanks to be displayed correctly in the  Sentinel app.

Using same instance number for different tank types results in incomplete data representation in Sentinel app: see an example of incorrect instance configuration below

Tank nameFluid typeTank instance
Fuel portFuel0
Fuel stbdFuel1
Fresh water portFresh water 0
Fresh water stbdFresh water1
Grey waterWaste water0
Black waterBlack water


Repeating tank instance 0 and 1 on different sensors will cause the tank level data not to be displayed correctly!

Instance can be configured in the Fluid Level calibration section of the CZone configuration tool:

CZone configuration tool:

Remember: Whenever CZone configuration is modified use the Refresh switching configuration function (see paragraph 2. for more details).